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Hello Everyone, my name is Todd Currington and I’ve lived in Bainbridge Township, OH for over 25 years now. I started TEC-PC-Repair in 2006 as a computer repair, networking & miscellaneous technology services provider that local homeowners and small businesses could call upon for quick, reasonably priced, and personalized service.   

Over the years I've found there is a real need for technicians who can work with, assist, & coach seniors with their computers and other technology with patience and honesty.   Another area    I've found need is working with seniors on staying safe using their computers & other (internet) devices - the scamming that occurs with seniors is staggering, one instance of scamming took such a toll on one of my senior customers that I decided I needed to help whoever I could to    NOT fall victim of scamming  -  In April 2020 I started Cyber Safe Seniors to help seniors (and anyone) stay more safe while using their devices on the internet.

My business philosophy is to assist seniors (and anyone) with patient, honest, and reliable coaching on various technology/ devices, and to perform quality computer, networking, & technology services, at a highly competitive price.    I stand behind this philosophy by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're unhappy with my service(s), I will neither expect nor accept payment.

                           TEC-PC-Repair & Cyber Safe Seniors serves the Chagrin Falls / 

                                            Bainbridge Twp and surrounding areas.

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 TTodd Currington

CEO / Technician

The link below has been added to my site to assist my wife's effort in getting her newly started business off to a good start. Her profession for the past 23+ years has been / is School Psychology. Please browse her site if you have the time or the need for professional School / Educational related Psychological services.