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* All Services are charged @ $50/ Hour

* Higher Level Data Recovery Services are charged per Recovery Cost Sheet

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This is an article out of “SMART COMPUTING” magazine.

I’d like to precede this article by stating that this fix/option is the absolute most dependable way to assure your system is fully cleaned & cured of all operating system, software, file, & malware related issue you may be experiencing. It is also often the most cost effective measure because I charge a flat rate of $125.00 (at my home office), which includes all data backed up, scanned, & restored, full reinstallation of the operating system, all updates installed, drivers installed, all (disk supplied) applications re-installed, system optimization, printer installation / hook up, and your internet connection re-established.

To get your system back to NEW condition, this $125.00 is well spent & I guarantee your system will operate like new or you don't pay anything. 

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